lördag 10 oktober 2009

Och vad som hände i Israel...

Om attackerna på Israel (beskrivning från Goldstone rapporten ) ...

Palestinian armed groups have launched about 8000 rockets and mortars into southern 

Israel since 2001 (Chapter XIII). While communities such as Sderot and Kibbutz Nir-Am have 

been within the range of rocket and mortar fire since the beginning, the range of rocket fire 

increased to nearly 40 kilometres from the Gaza border, encompassing towns as far north as 

Ashdod, during the Israeli military operations in Gaza. 

Skadan orsakade följande förluster  ...

Since 18 June 2008, rockets fired by Palestinian armed groups in Gaza have killed 3 

civilians inside Israel and 2 civilians in Gaza when a rocket landed short of the border on 26 

December 2008. Reportedly, over 1000 civilians inside Israel were physically injured as a result 

of rocket and mortar attacks, 918 of which were injured during the time of the Israeli military 

operations in Gaza.  

Hur folk i Israel mådde ...

The Mission has taken particular note of the high level of psychological trauma suffered 

by the civilian population inside Israel. Data gathered by an Israeli organization in October 2007 

found that 28.4% of adults and 72-94% of children in Sderot suffered from Post-Traumatic 

Stress Disorder. 1596 people were reportedly treated for stress-related injuries during the 

military operations in Gaza while over 500 people were treated following the end of the 


Och om attackerna var en krigsförbrytelse (min markering)

The Mission has determined that the rockets and, to a lesser extent, mortars, fired by the 

Palestinian armed groups are incapable of being directed towards specific military objectives and 

were fired into areas where civilian populations are based. The Mission has further determined 

that these attacks constitute indiscriminate attacks upon the civilian population of southern Israel 

and that where there is no intended military target and the rockets and mortars are launched into 

a civilian population, they constitute a deliberate attack against a civilian population.   These acts 

would constitute war crimes and may amount to crimes against humanity. 

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